30 + Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands


Haven’t you got the best Arabic Mehndi Designs? Then you are at the right place we with the help of latest 30 + Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands. In this article, we have included designs for Arabic henna so one can apply multicultural patterns to their body. Among Indians, Mehndi holds a worthy place as it is used on Hands, feet and sometimes on head hairs as well on various religious events Holy and Janam Din. Henna act like a regular dye, so senior citizens used it on head hair for a younger look. Here we are sharing such beautiful designs which one can also say a Do It Yourself designs and any one can apply them with fewer skills. Girls always look for latest Mehndi designs to look different from other girls in wedding, parties or friends gathering function. Both Pakistani and Indian girls love to make Henna designs on hands, and other Asian countries girls love to make Tattoo designs on body, legs, arms or feet. Mehndi Designs contain full smooth and straightforward style designs of best Arab Mehndi Artists.

Arabic Mehndi designs are entirely different. Usually, there is not much complexity in these drawings, and large contours are drawn, and the interior is full of lines and dots. Quite in contrast to Indian motifs, Arabs do not cover the whole hand. A part of the hand is left blank. The beauty of these designs because these spaces that highlight the bold designs. Arab designs are applied popularly to festivals and functions. Mehndi is an essential part of our culture. The people in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan also apply Mehndi on hands and feet for special occasions. Apart from its traditional forms many new styles have recently developed. These designs certainly add a touch of culture and ethnicity traditional festivals. Mehndi designs of two types – the Indians and Arabs. Although Indian designs are more complex, are bolder designs Arab. Peacocks, mangoes, and flowers are some of the most familiar figures that are used in the designs of India. Traditionally, the groom’s name is cleverly hidden in the palm of the bride amid elaborate designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs


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